Genesys Corporation is the first Japanese Company which has started
offshore development services with India for computer software and
electronics hardware designs in 1991.
Its president is the representative of
ESC(Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council), Delhi.

Company Name             Genesys Corporation
Address                   9th Floor Silk Center, 1 Yamashita-cho
                         Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0023 Japan
Contact                     Tel: 81-45-650-334 Fax: 81-45-650-3291
Email                     comm@genesys.gr.jp
President                   Yukio NISHIYAMA (Mr.)
Legal Stracture              Private Company
Establishment Date           1991/03/01
Corporate Capital            40MJPY
Name of Representative Companies
                         Daiichi Systems, Chennai, India

Area of Business
(Computer Software and Hardware Design)
System Software Tool (Compiler, Assembler, etc.)
Protocol, DSP Application, Firmware, FPGA Design (ZYNQ)
USB Type-C Tool and Design
(Legal Process Outsourcing)